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About Jill

"All I can strive to be is the absolute best possible version of myself."

There are aspects of real estate sales that seem pretty simple. There are many elements of a smooth transaction, however, that are complicated and daunting. 

I can help you with every aspect of buying or selling your home because I’m experienced, because I’m professional , because I understand that real estate is a business and because I care. 

I have been helping people buy and sell homes for a decade.  I have acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill in that time and have been a consistent top producer in the Greater Edmonton area as well as with RE/MAX in Western Canada.  To do this I have applied very fundamental principals to my business practice and simply put... that is to treat people the way I want to be treated. 

My philosophy is simple:  People don't need smoke and mirrors; they don't need to be lied to and mislead; and with all the information that is out there now a days they need a trusted companion to guide them through the process.  I don't promise the highest price in the shortest amount of time.  I commit to getting my sellers the best price possible for their home in the time frame they desire working with the current market conditions; and for my buyers I commit to getting them the best home for their needs based on the budget they give me to work with.

Simple and easy.

About me when I'm not at work:

I have a passion for living life and embracing every minute of the day.  I made a promise to myself to experience everything I can and not to let the fear of the unknown hold me back.  In the past few years I have gone hiking, golfing, camping, cycling, rowing, jumping off the odd building, jumping out of a plane, rowing, zip lining and anything else fun and exciting I could.  I spend my off time pursuing my passions whole heartily and always trying something new.  I volunteer, do training and coaching and never stop trying to inspire people. 

Lastly, I apply myself to everything I do and work hard to achieve all the goals I set; knowing that my most important goal everyday is to make it awesome!

If passion, energy and honesty are attributes you are looking for to help with the biggest financial decision of your life, then you need to message me.

"Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss SLOWLY, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and NEVER regret ANYTHING that makes you smile."



About David

This is where you get to know me a little better! As you can see I love to play sports and be active. Born and raised in Northern Alberta I can truly say there is no better place in the world to live. I had the privilege of playing hockey, skiing, golfing, camping and many other great sports that has made me the person I'm today.

In 1997 I attended NAIT and became a member of the Men's hockey team while I graduated from the Instrumentation Technology Program. In 2000 I came back for another year to do a business diploma and play hockey for 1 more season. I practiced in my field of Instrumentation for 6 years before deciding to follow my passion of real estate.


Sports being a huge passion of mine, I needed to fill a void with the end of hockey. The summer of 2003 I was in Penticton and watched Ironman Canada triathlon and at that moment knew this was something I needed to do. Never competing in a triathlon before this race consisting of swimming 4km, biking 180km and running was not to be taken lightly. I spent the next year learning to swim! Buying an actual road bike and competed in my first marathon just to prepare for one race. I managed to survive the training and completed my first race in 10hrs 32mins and was very pleased with the outcome.


About Tracie

After 10 years in the Oil and Gas industry, Tracie decided to make a career change. She decided she wanted to go out and meet people and be a bigger part of the community, so she chose real estate and hasn’t looked back since! Tracie is a relationship builder, who prefers to take the time to get to know her clients, and find the perfect place for them to call home, so they tell all of their friends and family about what a great realtor she is. She prides herself on being thorough and patient with her client’s questions and concerns, and works to make the process as happy and as exciting as buying a new home should be. Tracie is a buyer’s agent who specializes in residential and rural properties in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.


Tracie’s proudest title is being mom to two beautiful boys that keep her active and young. Her relationship with them is the foundation of the types of relationships she strives to build with her clients. In her spare time, Tracie enjoys spending time with her family, mountain biking, playing and watching hockey and is always on the hunt for new places to travel to, new adventures to discover and making memories with friends and family.


About Clarison

Clarison has lived in Edmonton for over 35 years which has given him a good idea of how far Edmonton has come in its growth as a ever sprawling city. "My parents were big garage sale hunters so we would often find ourselves in different areas of the city. I would sit in the back seat and look out the window wondering who lives in that house or how much that house is." Real estate has always been of interest to Clarison so about a year ago something happened that kind of pushed the needle to go after it.


"Being laid off for the first time because of the latest Oil & Gas recession opened up the possibility to make the transition. With how uncertain the sector could be I decided I needed to try something new that could be more fulfilling"  Clarison takes pride in being dedicated to being a modern day family man. Juggling between being a full time dad with a 3 and half year old and one on the way, an avid gym goer and building a new career, it's an exciting and challenging time in the Ludovico household. Clarison is a newer face on our team and will work diligently to learn what it takes to assist the client with the real estate process whether you are buying or selling. Bottom line is I want to help people during this whole process because it can and will be stressful so my job is to make it easier and with the team that I'm on together we can make that happen.



About Chris

Seeing as I was raised on an acreage between Devon and Spruce Grove and spent the last 23 years raising a family in Calmar, to say that I have knowledge of this area may be an understatement. Add to this the fact that I spent many winter days travelling to and from all the communities in the area, playing and coaching hockey, I can say I have become very familiar with what these communities have to offer. You can also add recreational property experience to my list, as I spent my summers as a youth and young adult out at the lake enjoying all that lake life has to offer. Whether through my wife, Michelle’s, teaching contacts through 24 years of working in Breton, my coaching, or through my son’s friends, we have met some of the most interesting and genuine people in these small rural communities. Now that my sons are grown I have the opportunity to serve these communities I have grown to love over the last 40 plus years in a different way.

       Although Real Estate was not my first career, it has always been one that interested me and my first career in the automotive industry has prepared me for. Spending over 20 years as a technician, I have always been helping people. Whether it was repairing the vehicle as a technician, helping other technicians with difficult problems as a shop foreman, helping clients understand the services needed and budgeting for them as a shop manager, or helping students understand vehicle technology as an Instructor at NAIT, I have always put the client’s needs and wants first. This, along with my many years of coaching, has helped me develop effective people skills, and a great ability to truly listen to what people want. This, along with maturity, will help me to make your real estate transaction fun and stress free.

        This is the biggest investment of your life, and I would like nothing more than to take the stress of selling or buying real estate and put it on my shoulders, so you can continue with life, and all the responsibilities you already have.


About Stacey

Stacey was raised in a real estate industry household.  Her father was branch manager for Royal LePage Canada before purchasing the first independently owned franchise in the Province of Alberta.  Stacey spent much of her formative years observing the hard work and dedication of real estate agents.  She noticed that the agents are focused on serving their clients, but noticed that they sometimes needed assistance on the administrative side.  During her time at University, Stacey began working as an administrative assistant in ta real estate office.  That’s when she developed her love of contracts and conveyancing.  Subsequently, she decided to pursue her own real estate education and was licensed as an Associate in 2004.  From there she used her industry knowledge to assist the agents that she worked with, rather than trading in real estate directly.  Stacey continued her real estate education and was licensed as an Associate Broker in 2010.  In 2011 she entered into a partnership to purchase her own real estate brokerage; she enjoyed six very successful years before deciding that she wanted to return to University and focus on raising her family.  When Stacey found out that the team at Jordan & Associates thought she would be a good fit to their administrative team, she couldn’t have agreed more.  Her expertise in office administration allows the team to focus on their clients and the business of buying and selling properties.  She looks forward to growing with the team and providing them and their clients with the best administrative support possible.


When Stacey is not studying for her next degree, or helping out in the office, you can probably find her out running.  Stacey has completed four marathons and numerous half marathons around the world.  She also loves coaching her son’s lacrosse team, encouraging children to be active in sports and theatre, and traveling with her family.


About Kelly

Kelly is a true go-getter!

Always aiming for self improvement and life learning, she is driven and isn’t afraid of working hard to achieve success.


From a very early age Kelly began working in her father’s restaurants, and spent the next 10 years in the service and hospitality industries.  She knew she loved meeting new people and building relationships, so she decided to push for a career that would enable her to develop those networking skills, while upholding a commitment to customer satisfaction.  Real-estate just fit the bill!  5 years ago, she obtained her real-estate license and it has been full steam ahead since then!


Being born and raised in Edmonton, she has had 30 years to explore and fall in love with this beautiful city and its surrounding areas.  Acting with respect and integrity, Kelly is determined to help both buyers and sellers navigate through the stressful processes of moving so that they can experience all that this city has to offer.


Beyond real-estate, Kelly has a passion for snowboarding, travelling, and spending time with family and friends.  She is also quite the do-it-yourselfer and enjoys filling her house with home-made decor!




About John




I go back many years….

Born and raised on a small farm in Northeastern Alberta, I learned values such as hard work and respect for others naturally ... you just lived that way!!

Upon graduation from high school, I moved to the big city of Edmonton, where I attended the U of A and received my B.Ed. and thereafter taught elementary and junior school or 6 years. I always loved teaching and the “exuberance of youth”. I seemed to enjoy the free spirited kid the most!

After those 6 years, I had a desire to try the business world and became a representative for major consumer electronics manufacturers’. Changing economic times lead me to become a residential real estate appraiser and then to the last 9 ½ years with RE/MAX Real Estate.

These years have been very fulfilling in helping first time and experienced buyers navigate through buying or selling a home. Fondly hearing a first time buyer refer to you as “Pops”, only comes in the way of a compliment when you build a relationship based on trust and integrity. On many occasions, that streak of grey hair that I have acquired, gives that experienced older buyer a feeling of my credibility in the industry. I enjoy working with people of all ages and love developing relationships with all my clients and some may even say, “I talk too much”. In the end, I take great pride in giving my clients honest advice and gaining their trust as a person that has their best interest at heart.

I am married and my wife of over 40 years and my two sons have always been very active. Whether it was skiing, running, cycling hiking…. From the time our boys were 4 years old until they left school, I was busy as a director of the community hockey league, driving to freestyle ski competitions, watching them slashing at other lacrosse players or just watching their sporting events with a “Timmies “in my hand. (Never did win a major prize in “Roll up the Rim”)

Life is Good !!!!